#9 Ambon Mapathon

Pemetaan Eksposur wilayah terdampak di Ambon dalam rangka dukungan penyusunan Renkon dan TTX Ambon.

Created by vasanthi - Updated - Priority: medium

#8 Mapping Bandung Flood Affected Area 2016

Sungai Citarum yang meluap di Kabupaten Bandung, Jawa Barat, menyebabkan banjir sehingga lebih dari 3.000 jiwa mengungsi. Mari bantu Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB) melakukan analisis dampak banjir di Kabupaten Bandung dengan cara memetakan area terdampak nya terlebih dahulu.

Created by vasanthi - Updated - Priority: medium

#7 Pemetaan Bangunan wilayah Gombong, Jawa Tengah

Pemetaaan data-data eksposure khususnya bangunan dan jalan. Data ini nantinya akan digunakan untuk analisa dampak aktivitas penambangan batu kapur/gamping di kawasan karst Gombong Selatan.

Created by harrymahar - Updated - Priority: medium

#6 Tasking Manager - Bromo Mountain

Created by harrymahar - Updated - Priority: low

#5 Rinjani Exposure Mapping

Rinjani Volcano exposure mapping for better preparedness and response

Created by uswatunkh21 - Updated - Priority: medium

#3 Karangligar Village Flood Mapping Response

Created by vasanthi - Updated - Priority: medium
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About the Tasking Manager

OSM Tasking Manager is a mapping tool designed and built for the Humanitarian OSM Team collaborative mapping. The purpose of the tool is to divide up a mapping job into smaller tasks that can be completed rapidly. It shows which areas need to be mapped and which areas need the mapping validated.
This approach facilitates the distribution of tasks to the various mappers in a context of emergency. It also permits to control the progress and the homogeinity of the work done (ie. Elements to cover, specific tags to use, etc.).

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