#361 - Sunda Strait Tsunami

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A tsunami hit Pandeglang and South Lampung district on Saturday night (22/12/2018). By Sunday afternoon, National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) command post record 222 casualties, 843 people injured and 28 people missing. (source: https://bnpb.go.id/korban-tsunami-di-selat-sunda-terus-bertambah-222-orang-meninggal-dunia-843-orang-luka-luka-dan-28-orang-hilang).

This mapping task aimed at completing previous mapping effort in the region in term of mapping building footprint and road network in the areas.


Entities to Map
building (bangunan), roads (jaringan jalan), bridges (jembatan)
Changeset Comment
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How to contribute?

Choose one box/grid

Select "Start Mapping"

If there's nothing that can be mapped (no building, covered by cloud), give comments and choose mark task as done

If you see buildings or roads that need to map. Please start mapping.

Upload, don't forget to give comment in changeset. Choose "Bing" if you using Bing or "Digital Globe Premium" if you using digital globe imagery. Go back to tasking manager. Select: 1. Mark task as done : if you thing it already mapped all the building and roads

  1. Unlock: if there are still buildings and roads need to map but you want to select other grid.

Select other box and repeat the steps

Imagery: Bing aerial imagery or Digital Globe Standard for validate

Common used tag:


buildings=yes for each building


highway=unclassified A classification between tertiary and residential road, usually found in rural area.If it's uncertain to tag as tertiary, it can go into unclassified.

highway=track Narrow / small road, commonly used for hiking routes or roads that lead to agricultural / plantation / forest areas. Usually this road is not paved.

More information please refer to this wiki: Indonesia Tagging Guidelines

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